Monday, December 5, 2011


Truly this is one of the GREAT things we get to do in this job! When troops return from being gone we love to go and say welcome back! Today was one of those days for several of our troops who are now safely back home and just in time for Christmas. Isn't that AWESOME.

One of the coolest things about this particular return is that a young Airman our daughter knew was one of the returnees. It was priceless to welcome him home today, I think he was surprised to see us there and that made it even better! MiB attends these things, I do when my schedule allows, or I know some of the families but again this is one of the more awesome things we participate in and I enjoy seeing all the returnees and the reunions with there families. We have been in their shoes MANY times...

 MiB w/the Papio Airman

Too bad MiB looks like the one who had the 18 hour flight...we are certainly not getting all the Zzzzz's we need, it was a full weekend and late nights since the GSC Conference last week. I hope we make it through the month!!

I loved watching the families in the waiting area as they anticipated the return. The children with their signs, the guys with flowers, the families with their banners, the balloons, it was all fabulous to see. The waiting was hard, but finally the plane was chalked and the offloading commenced.


 MiB came to retrieve me from the big waiting area to go to the be near the doors where they would enter in the hall. That was pretty neat, it's pouring rain and for the most part these folks were smiling and jovial as they passed through a bunch of leadership welcoming them back and then on down the hall to hand in some paperwork before F I N A L L Y reaching the room where their friends and loved ones awaited.
 Welcome Back!!!

Great to have you back!!!

Another great day in blue! This makes some of those other days that aren't so great in blue better...our Airmen rock!

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