Friday, December 9, 2011

Dropping In...

Tonight we dropped in on two Christmas parties, one waaaay south of town here, which looked like a pretty neat place, though not very well lit and a bit hard to find since it is off the main road and down around the corner. But we did find it and then did some well wishing to the legal folks who were having a fine time and about to enjoy what appeared to be a fine evening. I think it is a place MiB and I might like to return to and try out for ourselves, they seem to have a nice menu with several different options that sound pretty nice!

Then we headed back to the base and hit the second party of the night, made the rounds and visited with some awesome Airmen along the way. The funniest thing we encountered were the USGs. What are USGs you say? Glad you ask, they are the Ugly Sweater Guys! LOL They were a hoot.


And I give them HUGE props for coming up with a great silly idea to peg the night's fun meter!I mean these gatherings are what you make of them and the fact that they took the initiative to make it a little more jolly was exceptional! Kudos to you USGs!!!!

Not only did you have the USGs, you have folks VERY dressed for the evening, I mean, we saw what was almost the equivalent to a tuxedo, seriously, there were also some really spiffy suits, some with suspenders and others with vest. The ladies were not being shown up as they had some knock out wear too! Cute dresses, holiday sparkly sweaters and some very nice jackets! It was a also a night for some tie wearing and there were reindeer, snowmen, jazzy Christmas patterns and some traditional ones too. Then you had this, well, I'm not even sure I can come up words to adequately describe it so I will add the other picture here...


Yep, I think we have one of the elves, and well, I'm not really sure who the other guy is or what I can call him...he leaves me speechless. LOL 
Goodnight! Hope you get to go to a Christmas gathering this year and that you look forward to it and that you have a grand time. I personally think they are a lot of fun and we enjoy going to all these around the Wing. We get to see lots of different gatherings that have had a lot of work put into them and for the most part there are some pretty neat ideas we see too, it's amazing what they come up with. I think most are having a really good time! I wish I had some of their energy, enthusiasm and creativity!

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Frizzy said...

Too funny! Yesterday, as Scott and I were leaving the mall we saw a convertible pulling in. I had to do a double take as Santa was driving and Rudolph was jamming out to some music in the front passenger seat. Loved it and wished I could take a picture of them.