Friday, December 16, 2011

Party Marathon!

Holy Moly it was the great party attendance marathon to match all others! We hit seven parties tonight and had a great time at each event. It was a touch and go all over the city and we shook many hands, gave out lots of hugs and holiday wishes, many of which were MERRY CHRISTMAS! We were honestly ready when we arrived at the last one and the name tags came off!

Believe it or not and ima not saying this in the complaining way but it is work to do this...I mean I really am not the outgoing person most of you think I am. I am the one who'd rather be the wall flower that no one notices; I have had to learn to embrace this smiling, howyadoin thing, it does not come naturally. I do think there are some people it does come more easily for then others, but maybe I have that all wrong... So why do I do it? Cause I know what it's like to be on the other side, I have been the only other spouse there and it's always made me feel so much better when there is another spouse around no matter. I am most certainly what I call in tune to "the new girl" or the one who needs to be encouraged a little to join in, and the inclusive attitude. Now, I do not always get it right, it's easy to see those you have already met and immediately be drawn to them, but we always try to make sure we find new ones and get around to the ones we have not met! AND trust me, it's OKAY, really okay, to come up to me and say hey, I say you at XYZ, or we met at ABC, how are you or anything else, cause I do try to remember you and your name but sometimes it can be great for you to approach me and remind me we met and usually I remember you and the encounter, but sometimes, I am sorry I do not... but trust me it is nothing to take personal, it's just we see and meet A LOT of you and we love to do that but we do forget some names and faces, it just happens.

So if you really do know me and you think I make it look easy (and I appreciate that you tell me that, really I do) but it's not easy no matter how I make it look!

No to share several photos from the Party Marathon with you!

 MiB with a DEFENDER and Red Sox fan (this was for RocketBoy from 3DD)

 Not the best shot but this ELF was hilarious at the BS gathering...

As we headed on over to party #4 we were still going full steam and ready to meet and greet maintainers, we were not really prepared for this crowd. They really party...

The winning play-doh sculpture...

  The losing Commander's hair cut!

This group had quite the evening of entertainment and games on tap. They had a competition to see which tables would eat first, then before the evening was over they raised money to "MoHawk" the Commander's hair. What a good sport, I saw him the next day and he had it fixed into an acceptable military cut but was sporting a hat :)

MiB w/ Lt Newcomer LOL

The funniest thing that happened at this event was while we were standing near the door getting ready to take our leave and a young man engaged us and continued to tell us how much he enjoyed the casino and that he often visited to play poker and how good the help was, etc, etc, etc and I whisper to MiB, "he thinks we work here" MiB says no he doesn't I said, uh huh and about 8 minutes later while he is still singing accolades of the place and telling us waaaay more then we should/wanted to know MiB finally gets it that in fact he does think we work here and let's him know we do not and we are from the Wing. He felt pretty silly, but he said I saw you were wearing name tags and just assumed you were the managers! LOL THAT WAS PRICELISS...

Me with the ROACH who thinks we are managers! 

Me with the EXTREMELY TALL emcee. 

This is TINY, LOL! He was a hoot, I walk up to him and look like a total midget, and say wow, you are pretty tall, he dead pans and says, yeah and you are incredibly short :) It was priceless, but I did go on to say I was vertically challenged, and he said yeah, so am I. He was hilarious!

From one maintainer event to another and sadly no pictures from the second one, don't know how that happened...but there was some happening stuff going on to say the least and shake weights, hoola hoops and marshmallows were involved and that's all I have to say about that! 

Finally home and over to the neighborhood gathering, which I so thankful for because there was a lot of yummy food. We were starving as we had not eaten all evening, but we did leave the house at 5:20 with a bowl of soup in our bellies, but at 9:44 we were ready for some party food and party food we did consume! The spread was phenomenal...was to go Maj GM!

I had to take a picture of these shoes for SS, she would have thought they were AWESOME :)

MoHawk Commander eventually stopped by this gathering as well!

Night all hope you had a great Friday night, we did and tomorrow is a brand new day :D

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