Saturday, December 17, 2011

More Party Fun!

The way they do Santa's in Blue was new to us but we liked it, in fact we thought it was pretty darn impressive. This program hooks up the foster children in the area with a really spectacular lunch, Santa visits, presents, and lots of attention and memories made. It was once again a reminder of how good we have it!

 Santa delivers a stack of gifts to a young man at SiB

Andy the Airman and I with my little buddy!
Sparky makes a new friend!

After our SiB time we headed for lunch, then did a few errands before making our way to yet another children's party. This one on the base for our Maintainers. WOW, what a party it was...they even had a PRINCESS! This was hugely popular!

 Cinderella with Princess Aurora, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother and MiB

There was also a Santa, I mean it WAS a children's Christmas Party so you know there HAD to be a guy in a red suit! And there certainly was, he wasn't very chubby and I seriously think his HO, HO, HO was in need of a little work but the "kids" didn't seen to mind!

 MiB w/Santa

There were snacks, popcorn and lots of activities to do, you could "ice fish", bowl, play basketball, drive remote control cars, make several different take home crafts and of course play "cake walk" and take home your own cupcake. There was a also a face painter, a VERY talented one at that!

Ms A getting her face painted...isn't she ADORABLE?

We left HH for home where we caught up on a few household chores...well one of us did the other did a little catnap! Then it was a clothes change to start the circuit of adult parties. Only three tonight, piece of cake! We started at a casino, which was very nice, the room was well appointed and quite elegant. Then we headed on over to a swanky place in downtown where we got to see one of MiB surfer buddies and met several great students and saw lots of baby bumps, oh my! After that we made our way back to base where we stopped in at a masquerade party. Some had a mask, some did not, some reminding me of the Venetian mask, some were party store variety, others just had the standard issue handed out at the door to help everyone join in. The one that caught my eye is below...

My favorite mask!

It was not your average is painted on...yes, you read that right, it is painted on, it was amazing. It was embellished, it was detailed, it was very cool! It they were giving a top prize I think she deserved it!

So that's it another nights of party hopping in the books, whew, I'm beat and heading to get some sleep, tomorrow we have one final hoohahaha. It should be great fun, it is not an official visit type function but the local chapter party. We are looking forward to it! Night!

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