Friday, December 30, 2011

Time is just flying by...

After spending most of yesterday shopping, but also taking a movie break and having to say goodbye to G we have been out and about doing random things today...

One of the cute pair of new shoes from her shopping excursion yesterday!

Today we did some tourist stuff, we went to the 8th AF Museum and it's always a good choice for visitors and the outside static displays are always hugely popular.

Strolling the air park outside the 8th Museum

It was Olive Garden for lunch after we stopped off at Kohl's for a price adjustment on some undies LilBlue had got Tuesday that went on sale on Wednesday. I was not thrilled to learn this since I had asked if they were starting a sale and was told, "no, not that I know of"... Riiiight, we get home and find out a sale starts in the morning. They will be $3.00 cheaper and since she bought 5 sets I knew we would be going back to get a refund (or price adjustment as they preferred to call it... whatever I just knew I was getting some money back). Lunch was with a high school buddy from Omaha that LilBlue knew and I blogged about earlier this month.

Then we did a few more shopping stops and on to get more surfboard plans printed before making it back home for pizza then on to a night of bowling fun...yeah, I said bowling! What a hoot, the four of us are not good bowlers but we had fun!

The BUD and I had the lowest scores for BOTH games!

 Second game scores...

As we made our way home we took to looking at the Christmas lights around the base. Many have already taken theirs down and some that were still up just were not lit. Kinda bummerish, we always leave ours up til New Year's.

 MiB loved this house!

It's late and I need to get on to bed, if you haven't checked in lately you won't realize I just made some catch up post...if you have checked in and thought I had dropped off the blogging world posting bubble, you were nearly right, I just had not had time or wanted to take the time away from LilBlue to post, but tonight we are sitting here, she playing with her iPad and me doing catch up blogging! Life is good, but I am tired and I have a pulled groin from you really needed to know that, but now you do :) Night!

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