Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cookie Day!

Today is one of the FUN days! We collect cookies (preferably homemade) all across base for our dorm dwellers. Not only do the base folks give us lots of cookies we also get lots of cookies from the local community as well. In fact there were some really BIG donors that really helped us give to ALL our Airmen in the dorms!  Thanks so very much Barksdale community!!!!

We started with the packaging, a dozen cookies per plate please!

 Double Ks filling the plates!

 MiB filled plates with us, too!

 Lots of DIAMONDS there to help!

After the plates were filled they were taken to the baggers. We had a great group doing this and things went very smoothly. The baggers were busy that is for sure!

My neighbor and Ms MAC busy packing!

After the baggers bagged, then there was counting and sorting. Then came the delivering. That was the real treat. A contingent of myself, MiB, Chappy, KF and a few DIAMONDS and some dorm management personnel. It was a bit chilly here today which was perfect since we wanted to be in the Christmas spirit as we delivered the goods. However, I will tell you by the time we were done my feet WERE COLD. I was glad to get back in the heat to warm up! Anyway, some of the Airmen were in their rooms when we delivered and the cookies brought smiles to their faces. Others will return home to find them in their rooms! It was a fun day, one of those type of days you really feel good about! I like that, I liked today.

 Delivery Crew :)

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