Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baking, baking, baking!

It was a productive day. There are many, many mini loaves of pumpkin, cranberry bread ready to be iced and delivered. This evening I will take some to my gathering, then others will go as needed and some will be shared with neighbors. It was fun to make the mini loaves and the icing was a new thing for me but we had gotten bread with a "schmear" of cream cheese icing and I thought it was divine, so I did cinnamon cream cheese layer in mine. Oh MY, talk about a bit of heaven, oh yes!

 I mixed up two full batches!

The cranberries were actually a last minute spontaneous add...
AND they were quite delightful, they were a nice little tart burst in 
amongst the cinnamony pumpkiny goodness :)

 First batch...

They are all now baked and cooled and the first batch goes out tonight to be delivered. I put that layer of filling in these and thought I was going to eat all of them, oh heavenly days I love me some pumpkin bread and cream cheese anything!

Ready to go :)

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