Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We spent the NYE day messing around, catching a movie, MI2, lunch, trying to get some pictures and a couple stops at the grocery store to pick up those last minute needed items for our part of the party food and then onto the party. We did a local in the 'hood party with our Munsy Neighbors hosting.

Downtown Shreveport picture taking!

 LilBlue totally wanted to disown us for being so silly!

 I had to stand on a little wall for a couple shots!

 This was hilariously fun!

On a side note, LilBlue is pretty stoked about the reported building of a Chick fil a in her area later this year, I think the BUD will like it too since they have asked to eat there like three times since they arrived :)

Anyway, on to the ringing in the NEW YEAR. Food was plentiful, lots of choices and yummy stuff to boot. LilBlue made us a dip to go with veggies, yeah, too bad it was totally off the charts calorie wise but still it was really good and I did eat it with vegetables! There was cheesecake bites, totally good, along with an awesome rum cake. I liked the black bean corn salsa a lot too!

Neighborhood NYE Gathering...

  EVERYONE had a hat or tiara...

 Playing one of the many games...
 the CRAZY couple :)

MiB and I

The evening got somewhat competitive when the spoons game was broke up. I was a spoon virgin and totally SPOONS first, so just call me a loser, cause I was...but it was a, uh, fun, sure, yeah, fun game, sort of, though I may need to wear gloves and a helmet next time we play!

 SPOON playing...this is where is got really nuts!

 There were even INJURIES!

If you are wondering about the LilBlue dip it is simply this: a large tub of cottage cheese, the big thing of sour cream, a small jar of Hellman's mayo and a package of ranch dip mix. If I ever make it and I think I will, I am going to use two packages of the dip mix, cause I think it would be yummier and I might leave out the mayo, but LilBlue insists that would be gross, we'll see...

HAPPY NEW YEAR...I think we brought in 2012 in style with party blowers, hats, tiaras and poppers~ Woohoo praying for good health, sustained friendships and new adventures along with tremendous blessings to all our family and friends.

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Frizzy said...

Happy New Year! Looks like you had a blast bringing it in. Spoons is a seriously dangerous game! Everyone played it before our wedding. I'm shocked there weren't eyes poked out and teeth missing the way everyone played. LOL