Sunday, February 26, 2012

And there was cake...

Since we were traveling on the actual day there was no cake until was baked amongst the moving of the boxes. It was totally enjoyable. It has been enjoyed at lunch and dinner today. It has made his belly button smile. He is a cake boy, he loves his cake, especially chocolate with chocolate icing. He doesn't even care that the cake was made from a box mix and the frosting is from a tub. He is just happy to have cake.

 Happy Cake Boy :) 

It's been a very productive day and during our break from the moving we went roller skating. That was such a nice distraction from all the boxes.

Yes, it's not a great picture, but we are there!!!

We also took more donations to the Attic and we helped a traveler. That was so much fun. He had taken a taxi from the airport. Walked on through the gate to where he knew the lodging officewas, only to find out it has temporarily the other side of base. So we picked him up and got him squared away and headed in the right direction. He was a happy camper and so were we!

Back home, more boxes moved, more unpacking, little work on the surf board (yes, MiB is building a surfboard!), and then dinner and now it is back to the old house to get some "work done" before heading to bed. I am doing better today since we got some OTC meds yesterday for my sore throat and drainage. Amazing what a little bit of medicine can do for ya!

Tomorrow will be finishing up getting the rest of our stuff over to the new place, with the exception of what we will need to be able to sleep and shower at the old place. Then wait for the movers to show up on Wednesday, clean and be totally out of here, the old place, on Friday at 3:00 p.m. I hope to have the new place in order quite quickly as well and that will go pretty quick once the furniture has been placed. I hope that goes smoothly but sometimes it takes me a while to figure out how I want things or what is going to work best. So we shall see.

Hope you have had a great weekend, it's been busy in our world but it has gone smoothly and for that I am VERY thankful!!!


Frizzy said...

Oh how I miss even the little moves. Crazy I know. What I wouldn't do for a little change of scenery right now. We've been in this house for almost 4 years. That feels crazy to me.

Mrs. Blue said...

I know I will probably miss it someday, but today is NOT that day!!! ;/