Monday, February 20, 2012

Whoa!!! What a Weekend!

Wow, having company is ALWAYS fun, but when they bring Sprinkles it's the bomb! There were black and whites, salted caramel, dark chocolate and lemon coconut! HEAVEN is what it was. We enjoyed them that night, the next morning with coffee, the next evening with the Munsy Neighbors and then the next morning again. Yummmmmm and we aren't even going to talk about the ramifications, just let it go! I'm sooo trying, but I am having a bit of a time with it. I soooo don't like my jeans fitting tight, it's just me I know, but it's how I feel and I don't like it. Moving on...cause I am not making the hard choice to really change it, so, I am where I am and it is what it is, pftttt!

We did the movies on Saturday, twice. We also went to dinner at the Mongolian BBQ place, (after the second movie) which was not all that good, but the company was so that's how that goes! The movie was good, but the restaurant was not, just wanted to clear that up... We will keep looking for good places to eat that's all I can say! I was disappointed in the cleanliness of the place and service was mediocre, though she did have a lot of personality! Ahhhhh, but the company was awesome and we continued the visiting party back at the house with more cupcake eating and maybe a little Bailey's and Kahlua.

Also enjoyed a nice slow day with PJs on for a good portion of it, then out to enjoy the beeee.U.TE.ful weather and do a bit of computer repair. That was a BIG fun project and it is actually still in progress but hopefully be wrapped up today, cause the main computer tech is departing today! A bad fan needed to be switched out.

My personal GEEK Squad!

It's been a great weekend! This week also finds us traveling, it will be a quick trip before we return to move right next door. Then it will be getting settled in and starting off the month of March, which will bring much traveling and lots of visiting. I'm excited! 

Hope you had a great weekend, if you are fortunate to have the day off, enjoy, we certainly are! We will also continue the creative meals and using up what's on hand so we don't have to move it next door food plan! So far, so good, yesterday I made an awesome breakfast casserole using all the frozen hash browns, many of the veggies, most of the cheese and all but one of the eggs!

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Frizzy said...

Will you share your personal geek squad with me? PLEASE!

Sounds like dinner was interesting and there were memories made to laugh about for years to come.