Saturday, February 4, 2012

He's home and BAGLESS...

Dear Delta, 

If we had choices we would NEVER fly w/you.. ever.

I do applaud you as your customer service is consistently poor. You chose to ADD more people to an already full plane and pull baggage from the flight WITHOUT telling the passengers. That is such a great plan. Next time when you offer the incentive to take a later flight and no one jumps on it you might want to let them know that their bags will not fly with them. You might get a better response when that little tidbit of info is known. 

However, to go ahead and fly the passengers (at least five of them) without the bags and then think you will not compensate, well, that is wrong on all levels. I do appreciate so much that you have 1-800 numbers with people who cannot help at all and that you provide internet interaction that will be attended to in a timely manner

Do not worry we will be in touch on MONDAY when your corporate offices open again. 

Another unsatisfied customer : (

Yes, it's awesome to arrive on a Friday night and get the runaround on your baggage not being on the carousel only to phone in and be told nothing can be done until Monday. What is even better is to be told by the baggage guy at your destination that your bags were booted because the plane was overweight. Hmmmm THAT is a great way to do business. Seriously, that is what I call a FAIL DELTA!

Perhaps I am a bit biased as we have a long history with Delta and lost baggage not to mention their ALWAYS stellar customer service. HA In 1987 when MiB flew to our first duty station they lost his bags, we've had a great relationship since. Oh yeah, I love me some Delta! NOT!

And let's not forget they are the ones who were jacking the fees on military travelers so that of course does not help their image in my world.

ARGHHHH, welcome home MiB, I'm thrilled you are here, even if your bag is not!

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