Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Cell Phone Flushing :/

Cell Phones + Toilet = Maintenance Call

Should I say more?  Need I say more?

What the heck! LilBlue, while no longer at home, still knows how to keep our life INTERESTING. Yes, it was a phone call from "roommate" so immediately my heart falls, I mean we exchanged those numbers in case of emergency situations. I guess it was an emergency but at least not the kind that makes you dizzy and almost pass out. LilBlue had flushed her cell phone down the toilet...yeah, I know. It was an accident. Anyway, I don't want to think about any heroic phone saving actions but suffice to say she did try to retrieve it and it was too far gone.

The throne awaits the man, maintenance man, that is!

I'm not holding out much hope for recovery success on this but stranger things have happened. I've told her to have the rice ready. Yes, supposedly you can take moisture exposed phones and plop them in a bowl of rice and the rice absorbs the moisture drying out the phone. I think this is usually for instances that don't include "prolonged exposure" to moisture, but we'll see. No harm in giving it a shot with only a bag of rice to lose, right? Oi vey

Ironic thing is she called my Sunday saying "my phone is glitching really bad" GReAAAt, this kid is REALLY hard on I was on the hunt for a get her through filler one anyway. I would like to make it til September when her contract is up with what she had, or one we can obtained from NOT AT&T! Well, now I'm mailing her my older Samsung and hopefully she can make that last until upgrade, switch plans time in September cause I really do not want to be beholden to AT&T for two more decades!Seriously, we will be doing something different come fall when our time is up with these people!

  • Cell phones=love/hate!
  • New fridge in the house :)
  • TEXAS beaches here we come!
It's ATTIC day, it's gotta get some errands done day, it's ALS graduation tonight, it's I needa 'nother cup of  coffee right now kinda day, it's get off here and get movin' right now! So seeeeee ya, wouldn't wanna be ya, cause Ima glad be'n me and I gotta go :)

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