Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

The big annual whoha went well. All pieces and parts fell together and there were no major crisis which is always good, even if there were lots of little things that caused a few moments of insanity throughout the day and evening, overall it was great!

 Awww, don't we all clean up nice? It was a good evening and spent with some good people!

 The winners are top notch and now move on. It's always more fun when you know the people and even more delightful when you know the winners! Really though to make it to this level they are ALL winners!

 Volunteer of the Year!

  Honor Guard Member of the Year 

Ccoolio they are awesome folks! The Honor Guard guy got his mess dress at the Attic! How cool is that?

Airmen of the Year nominee, such a sweet girl!

 Munsy neighbor and I; she's sportin a cute new do and I need one!

Saturday was quite cold for here, we took in a movie. It was one I do recommend, Safe House. I guess lots of people had the same idea we did since we got to the theater and the showtime we had intended to see was SOLD OUT! We took the next one, which sort of kinked up my afternoon but it all still worked out. Home after the movie to have awesome veggie fajitas, then a rug giveaway, off to church and then firepit gathering with the neighbors. Only we weren't in the neighborhood, weird, right! We trekked to main base (well we just dropped in after church) to gather at our adopted EastSiders home. You know Ms SpeechWriter? Yeah, they are honorary ES so they hosted the firepit on main base and while it was on the CHILLY WILLY  outside we still had a great time, loved the fire! Came home smellin' like we had been campin'. Of course, that meant clothes in the wash as soon as you walked in the door and into the shower before bed!

This morning was an a late start in our world which is always nice. There were no overnight calls which is always wonderful! It was blueberry pancakes and sausage links for breakfast for MiB which of course made his day and now we are sitting cozy with the fireplace going and considering a movie this afternoon...we shall see! I'm pretty comfy right here in the chair curled up beside MiB :) It's a good place to be!

In tooth news, I have a tooth of them is causing me pain. Very sensitive to cold liquids. It is the bottom right second from the back, yeah, I know you wanted to know hence the reason I added that! So you know I am thrilled to have this development, NOT. I have NEVER had dental issues and I am not a happy girl about this. For those of you dental types its #30! Ima be calling that dental guy first thing in the a.m. grrrrrr

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