Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I be all green!

MiB made it safely to the BigO and indeed did see LilBlue. I be green with envy...she fixed dinner for him. Well, okay not really, but it seemed like it! Wednesdays are "family night" and she and her roommates plus or minus a few others always plan to have dinner together. I love it! MiB got to join them! I don't know what they had but the pictures looked yummy!

I don't know why he chose to take one of her driving unless to show me she is still gorgeous no matter what she does...and make me notice she is wearing classy pearl earrings. She do take after her momma!!!

Pretty sure these are their dinner plates...looks uber yummmmmm!

I'm thinking this is after they ate, but I could be wrong. Since I got NO commentary with the photos I'm jus guessin here!

This is at Orange Leaf where she took him for dessert! Should of talked to her about that...he really don't need no dessert :/ This travelin' and eatin' the past two weeks is killing his girlie figure!

Anyway, I think they had a fab time and I am REALLY, really happy that his schedule allowed (even if he ditched dinner with his colleagues to see her) him to spend some time with her.  It was about a month ago we put her on the plane to go back to the BigO

Lest you think I was alone and having a pittying me party I was not, it was WW and we had a fabulous time as always!

And we took us a picture too, so phffff! And we missed YOU, Ms SpeechWriter!

 MiB also got to reconnect with some of our Offutt buddies!

This is a "boy" we knew from our first assignment! We were in the same squadron as his parents and now he is all grown up wouldn't ya say? His birthday is tomorrow...he will be only like 10 or so cause we haven't gotten any older since that assignment 24 years ago or so!

So off to bed it's waaaaay past my bedtime and I gotta get me some sleep so I can be at the Attic all day tomorrow! Not to be confused with IN the Attic, we don't have an attic, well, we do it is on the base, but it's not an attic, we just call it the Attic. I know you completely understand this now... NIGHT!

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Frizzy said...

I hope you have a good day at the "Attic."

I love seeing old friends and how they and their families have changed.

Sorry you couldn't be with the fam. Looks like a nice evening.