Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I've already been on the tour, had lunch and am getting ready to Par-tay. You wish you were here today cause it's been pretty fabulous unless you don't like touring and lunch, then you would not have enjoyed my day!

Our tour today followed our calendar meeting which was short and sweet but heavy in burdens. We pressed on to the Veteran's Transitional Living Center. What I always find on these field trips is that there are still really good people in the world trying to do good, really good things. That is exactly what is happening here. The ones who have served and are still serving sometimes need a little extra help in life. These folks are here to help. They run a tight ship and are seeing some success stories and for them that is what keeps them going. They are a great bunch, they are committed, they are concerned, they are in need. They need others to join them, they need things (pillows, toiletries, towels, etc) and as with many organizations they need money. It's a big job they are doing and yes, they get some money but as the guy told us there is always a "gap" in what comes in and what they need to do all that they can.

Some of our tour group and Chuck the guide.

After the tour we trekked down the street and around the corner to a quaint out of the way little place. The food was good, IMO, I had the veggie panini and it was full of wonderful veggies and of course the moz cheese! YUM! Lilah's is not just a deli, it is a bakery....I know, I know not in my best interest to be there but I did not pick the establishment! Anyway, I DID NOT order a sweet treat, though many did. I did however, have a SMALL taste of the King Cake they had for sampling. It was nice, not over the top for me and it was even blueberry filled, which I thought was going to be ohmygod good, but it was not fresh blueberries, it was canned. Again, it was still very nice! I would definitely eat here again!

So tonight I am heading out to a girls night out that is Valentine's day themed and there will be much to test my will power, but I am hopefully going to stand strong in the midst of those temptations! I will let you know how that goes! We will have fun I know that! And then tomorrow is WW or as Ms Speechwriter has dubbed it WoW, which I think I will not adopt as well!

Have a great evening all!

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