Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Doing my part, sort of...

Since you know we are moving I am trying to use up as much of what we have on hand as I can. I am only buying perishables, well that and snacks for WoW. When we get to move in a few weeks we have to go 14 steps to our new home and I don't want to carry any more than I have too. So far the freezer is looking pretty good and empty...

 I guess there really is still quite a bit in there but trust me it's not near like it was. 

It will continue to dwindle down as we still have a little over a week or so to work on its contents. before we go out of town, return and move. Then there is the fridge, it's bit harder...but we did finish off a ketchup bottle and the caramel and chocolate syrup bottles are almost empty as well! There is only one sour cream on the top shelf but still two margarine's! Though I don't know if we can make it w/o ketchup until we move. There is a new bottle in the pantry so open or not it has to be moved!

 The door shelves are what I notice the most as they are not crammed full!

And yes there is only ONE 12 pack of soda in our fridge and YES that is 5 half gallons of milk on the top shelf. I'm having a party tonight and we need milk for the drinks. The contents of the shelf under the milk are all leftovers and will be consumed tonight and tomorrow. Also the veggie bin contents will be gone before the weekend is out.

Then there is the pantry.

 Not much there, but still nice choices. Going to be fixing some pudding and jello over the weekend! And green soup and hopefully polish off some cereal if I have milk left after tonight.

 Little more to deal with on this side. YES, that is three cases of green beans, I like green beans, a lot; there is also a case a peas but it is nearly empty! Yep, that is two BIG boxes of saltines; MiB likes those a lot and with a can of diet Coke on the side usually at night after I have gone to bed!

I definitely see a major commissary shopping trip soon after the move, we are way down on the choices in the food department but we are getting by and no one is starving that's for sure. I feel like I am doing a pantry challenge of sorts, where you shop your own pantry and try not to go to the grocery store. For weeks now I have only been buying perishables and necessities in preparation for this move. Now that we finally have a date I just really wish it was over already. I'm not real overjoyed in this whole move thing in case you were not clear or wondered.

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