Monday, February 6, 2012

GIVEWAY (on another blog)

I like to read. I read a lot. I check in on several different bloggers. Some I know in real life, others I don't. Of the ones I don't I sometimes feel a connection of some sort or obviously I would not continue to read/follow them. We might share common interest, similar likes, etc. I look in on this blog regularly because she is a fellow military spouse :)

Well, right now she is having a nice giveaway. You might want to check in on her too! She does some really great recipes. I have tried a few of them. If you remember when I did the cauliflower pizza crust I linked her blog then too!

She blogs life just as many of us do, she is a cut through the chase kind of girl IMO and she just keeps it real for sure! Check her and her giveaway out here.

Today has been a getanewfridge kinda day! I am really happy about it, but the new one is only new to me in the sense that it is not new but the ice maker works. That was the problem with the old one the ice maker was broken. However, there seems to be some seepege in the door we will need to keep out eye on. Now, before you ask, yes, I can live without an ice maker. I have been for over a month. HOWEVER, we pay rent here and I don't expect to have to live without an ice maker. So, today they swapped me out. I will live with it until we move. Yes, you read right, in case you missed the earlier news, we are moving! Yep, but don't get too excited it is just next door...I know, I know crazy but it's the way it is. We have to move and that's that. So the last week of this month we will be moving. Thankfully, Munsy Neighbor has already said she would help :) We will move the small things ourselves and then the movers will come to move the big, heavy things. I am glad, since there are stairs in the new house!

A few pics from our SB Gathering for your viewing pleasure!

 The ones you better watch out for!!!

 Silly girls!

 The hair is growing back in nicely Sir!

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