Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

MiB will be back tomorrow! Happy Dance! Happy Dance!!!

I will be thrilled to see him again and catch up on all the details of the trip. He gets in somewhat late and I am sure he will be tired so I imagine a sleep in Saturday then perhaps just some hanging out! My kind of day. He did a great job keeping up his blog so I feel pretty up to date but I know there is more and I want to hear alllllll about it!

This weekend is the SuperBowl. Even if you are not a football fan you can appreciate the getting together and eating part can you not? I can. But I do like football as well. I will cheering on the Patriots, I like their colors, RW&B. So go Pats! Looking forward to another neighborhood gathering as we talk, eat and do a little game watching. Making a big pot of veggie chili to share along with some pineapple cupcakes!

And if you are wondering the teeth are waaaaay fine, like back to normal. I'm also trying to be a better flosser. It's the little things!

Thursday Thoughts
  • Loving the weather here!
  • Ready for some pizza on Sunday.
  • Still undecided on spring break :/
  • Snowmen have been put up for the winter...

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