Sunday, February 5, 2012

The bag is back!

In late breaking news, the bag is back...I know you were waiting on that so wanted to get the word out.  Jimmy, the baggage delivery guy, after calling at 8:40 A.M. on a sleep in kind of day called to say he was on his way. At 11:42 A.M said bag was in our possession. I am not sure where Jimmy came from as it is less then 30 minutes from our house to the airport. We met him at the industrial gate as he would not have been able to do a doorstep delivery as they promised seeing as how we live in a "gated community" LOL You like that? We live in a gated community! I like that, I'm going to start saying that, I live in a gated community!

So anyway, today is the SuperBowl, not sure who you will be cheering on but I will be cheering for the Pats, I like their colors, I know I have told you this before, but sometimes you forget things! Maybe you will be cheering no one, maybe you are not SB type, whatever floats your boat. I happen to like a little football!

The neighbors are gathering for the game. I have a pot of veggie chili simmering and made a veggie tray along with some yummy pineapple cupcakes. The cupcakes were a new recipe and they are a keeper! SOOOOO super easy. There will also be soup, queso dip, pizza and another yummy dessert!

This is the cupcake recipe. Combine a yellow cake mix with a can of 20 ounce crushed pineapple with juice. Mix on medium speed for a couple minutes. Bake just as the box states for cupcakes as far as temperature but for much longer then the box says. I think in total I baked mine for almost 30 minutes. I had to keep resetting the timer cause I knew they weren't done. The first batch is a little less done, but the second batch I think is spot on!

Mine are not frosted yet but I am going to cream some cream cheese with cool whip and add a little bit of very well drained crushed pineapple and smear that on them. However, they are delicious without frosting, not that I ate one or two already!

When I make them again I am going to use a lemon cake mix. I am also going to try it with a spice cake mix. The whole grand idea behind using the pineapple and not the eggs and oil is that it significantly cuts the calories. They are less then 100 calories per cupcake this way, that is a win in my book!

If I remember I will take a frosted picture too!

Hope you enjoy a very happy Sunday, I plan too!


Frosted Cupcakes

They were a hit. No one even suspected they were low calorie!! YUMMY for sure...SAD that the Patriots did not win, but that's the way it goes. Not everyone is a winner, the end!

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