Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Like it or not it is 14 February. It's not just a day for lovers, it is a day to celebrate love. We love our families and friends, show them today. Last year at this time I was not with the love of my life, like that has NEVER happened before...but anyway I did happen to be with the Littles, whom I love dearly and they made my day awesome. We played and ate m&m's most of the day then we went to eat my favorite, Mexican food! It was a good day even without MiB.

Make the best of where you are today, do for those who mean something to you, appreciate those in your life who make a difference that is what I think of when I think of Valentine's day.

My Little Echo sent me a BEAUTIFUL handmade card that she signed all by herself, now THAT my friends is LOVE in the most precious form. And those are thumb print hearts :) Love that girlie!

 Then this morning I got a picture as she was leaving to go to her school party!

She is growing up so fast, I can't wait to see them again next month. I will need my refill on hugs and kisses from theLittles! It's been too long :(

And not to be overlooked I also got a Valentine from my LittleB.

 Love the hand print butterfly!!!

Well, I am off today with a HUGE list of errands, I have sooooo many stops to make and I am going to brave the commissary as well. I hope that with it being the day before payday, even though it is Happy Heart Day it will NOT be too chaotic. Oh, I think I have high expectations, but here's to the best! I will be out most of the day. I have to see about getting a paper notarized, printer ink, shoestrings (brown), light for my oven not to mention the commissary list! BUT then tonight it is an evening with my love...we will have dinner, accompanied by a bottle of bubbly, I know, I am soooo excited. The plan is to get a take and bake veggie pizza, make a nice green salad, open the bubbly and enjoy the evening together at home. I have learned after many disappointing dining out experiences that going "to dinner" is not a good plan on BIG days such as this. So I opt to stay in and have NEVER been disappointed yet. It's win-win in my book, especially since you know how much I abhor poor service when I dine out.

So I gotta go, daylight is burning and if I can snag some Albertson's tulips I am going to do some day brightening for some of the specials in my life today as well, so Ima outta here!

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