Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beach, Pizza, Movies and Bikes

MiB and I hit the beach early again this a.m. 

While the clouds made the sun's appearance later then usual it was still gorgeous when it did make it's appearance. 

 MiB finally got a few waves in. 

Pulling out the board for the first time...he was sooooo ready to hit the waves!

He was thrilled I know and I enjoyed finishing the book I was reading. It was all good until he was coming in and a local let him know he was surfing in an off limits spot...oops! Upon further investigation sure enough he was breaking rule #7.

Rule #7 was on the white sign on the lifeguard stand...pretty small writing; I guess we just missed it!

After we returned to the hotel we went to straight to the pool and  the others came and joined us.

Boys in the pool...

LilBlue catching some rays and Uncle G sitting in the pool in the chair!

Then it was off to find lunch, pizza was the unanimous decision, so off we went to Papa's Pizza. I say it was average but filling. We all did the buffet with the exception of the bud who reported he wasn't so hungry so he would just have a slice of pizza. LOL 

  Hmmmm, who was hungry and who wasn't?????

Then we went and took the dolphin tour aka ferry ride and saw even more dolphins this time around and the boat was way less crowded so it was pretty darn neat!

After a quick stop at Sonic we headed inside for a cool adventure at the movies since it was so stinking hot today. There was an arcade area inside the theater and we dropped a few quarters since we were a bit early for our flick!


Movie was ahhhh, there is not much I can say and I will not even be reporting which movie we saw. Mixed reviews from our crew though there were a few laughs not a favorite for sure!


Back into the pool we went and also did some hot tub time which we all seem to enjoy!

Then it was on to the bikes. Yes, we decided to rent the multiple passenger bike and take a little 2 mile ride down the seawall. We had a destination in mind for dessert so off we went. When we arrived we had to find a good place to secure our rented bike...

Then we headed into The Spot for our long awaited for dessert!

 Dessert :)
Personally, I had carrot cake :/

Others had ice cream...

It was a hoot. Ringing the little bell for EVERYTHING was hilarious and we also raced with another bike which was pretty funny too! WE also took a few detours! 

We returned the cart, walked the pier and returned to the room to bed down for the night. It's been another great day of sun, surf and sand! Can't say I am happy about having to head home tomorrow but we knew this day was coming. I know I will be on the beach first thing in the morning getting those last few minutes of beach time in!

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