Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I got'em no doubt about that but I ain't gonna share them...this I will say, REALLY? I mean seriously, what a pass, I am nearly speechless.

I have a few thoughts I can share though like there was any doubt about that! :O)

  • BEACH...I'm headed your way :)
  • Rain, love the rain we have had :D
  • I prefer no rain at the beach though...
I think that's good, short and sweet and I am not in any trouble, so that's really good!

Looking forward to seeing LilBlue and the Bud and having sand between my toes! Looks like we will also be seeing neighbors from our Aviano days :) which will be an added bonus and more then likely we will see the Curtis Clan as well! Life is good :)

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