Sunday, August 12, 2012


This morning we headed to G-Town!

We had sort of planned our day, heading out first to ride the ferry and do a little dolphin watching when on our way we met our first unplanned adventure. Thankfully, a nice guy told us our back left rear tire seemed a little we pull over to check it out and you can hear the air coming out. GREAT not the way we had planned to start our day...

 The "low left rear tire"

Yeah, low is a relative term, by the time we got pulled over to a relative safe spot it was obvious we were going to need a tire repair place. Keep in mind the TPS (tire pressure monitoring system) had alerted us to a low tire pressure issue when we left the hotel this morning. However, we had this happen on Friday and it was just a tire needing air (right front) so we thought something was off but had no idea it was this pressing!

Unloading the back to get to the spare! Fun, and even more fun with the surf board and SUP on top!

 More excitement!
Oh yes, the local boys stopped by to see if they could help and make sure we were all okay and being safe! Gotta love the boys who fight the fires!

 They looked on and made sure they offered words of encouragement!

 Group shot!

Once we were on our way we headed to the local tire store and $162 dollars and some change later we were back on the road. We made our way to the ferry terminal and rode to Fort Bolivar. We made the smart choice and just rode over without taking our vehicle, which was definitely the super smart way with no waiting! We saw dolphins both coming and going! However, I did not get a picture :(

 MiB and I on the ferry!

 Glad we did not need to be "pushed" off the ferry like this car did!

After our ferry ride we were able to check into our hotel for our stay on the seawall. It's definitely good to be near the water and we are ready for a great relaxing week! Nice digs even if the pool is a bit smaller then it looked on line it is still a good place!

Then we headed down the seawall to meet up with another set of friends, RRRs, for a late lunch. Our original chosen lunch place was way too crowded so we went on down the way and found Gaido's. Hmmm, it was okay food and great service! I had fish tacos, the lime chipotle sauce was nice. Anastasia, our waitress, from the Ukraine was so awesome, sweet and very attentive. She was exceptional in making sure we had what we wanted and needed, she was a real gem! I wish I would have taken her picture but I did not :(


 The one who prefers NO photos, was photographed :)

 They love the photo's...well at least they tolerate them!!!

After lunch we went straight to the pool to cool off and chillax, it was good! We even hot tubbed for a bit before returning to the room and taking a stroll to the beach. 

 The Bud's first time on the beach!

 It was a bit warm still but we strolled and enjoyed the scenery with the exception of the dead fish. WHY are the dead fish??? LilBlue finally asked the lifeguard and it started yesterday and is due to the heat and lack of oxygen.

 Dead fish ALL over the beach, it was a bit stinky too!

Close up of the dead fish...YUCK!

Back in the room and tired and ready for bed. MiB is planning to do a dawn patrol in the a.m. I may go to just enjoy the early quiet morning or maybe I will sleep in...tempting, guess I'll just wait and see how it goes! Not sure what tomorrow's plans are just playing it loose and there are lots of options so no worries for lack of things to do that's for sure! NIGHT!

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