Monday, August 6, 2012

Pass Over Dinner = Veggie Enchiladas

I bought quite a bit of produce last week and have eaten a lot, however, since we are going to be gone next week I am trying to clean out the fridge. I made a big pot of veggie soup on Friday. MiB loved that and we ate it Saturday and Sunday. I also made a big pan of roasted veggies that we ate on over the weekend as well. Then today I roasted another pan of veggies and made vegetarian enchilada's with homemade enchilada sauce. Before you think I am all that, I didn't realize until AFTER I was home that I did not have a can of enchilada sauce in the pantry. Soooo since I live in the boonies AND it's Monday and the commissary is closed I decided I would just have to make my own sauce. I've done that before so it wasn't that big of a stretch. But I didn't know where that recipe was, I sort of remembered what was in it and I googled it to refresh my memory and it was all good. It turned out yummy.

 My enchilada turned out such a beautiful color and my oh my did it taste fabulous!

Vegetarian enchilada filling...tasty!

I wasn't  really planning for dinner to be anything more then dinner, but after some news late this afternoon, we decided to have a "pass over" dinner. Won't go into details but take it for what it's worth, once again we have been passed over, it is what it is. Honestly it is just making the decision to pick a date for the BIG R that much easier to do. Though I try to bear in mind, it's not about us...but sometimes it seems very personal. We shall see. Back to the enchiladas! They were tasty, though MiB says leave out the broccoli next time!

Right before they were popped in the oven, they looked so pretty!

They were filling and yummy and even though I would have preferred using corn tortilla's I did not because MiB prefers the flour. I hope to start using the whole grain flour ones but they aren't quite there on taste but they have come a long way from when we first tried them for sure.

 There were some leftovers which may be a tasty breakfast!

Hope your Monday was all it could be. I did get lots accomplished today which is good since tomorrow is a gone all day type a day, even part of the evening. I have to get packed for the beach and tie up some loose ends before we take off. Off to enjoy a little Olympics this evening! Go Team USA~

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