Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday, last day of vacation, thoughts...

Last day to hit the beach so off we went while the others worries, MiB enjoy our early mornings on the beach with very few distractions. 

 Even with the clouds the sunrise was spectacular...

 This morning I got a little more reading in!

I love the quiet time and ocean sounds while MiB is surfing, no matter if I am down on the beach or up on the seawall the sound of the waves is awesome!

The waves were few and far between but getting on the water is what it's all about so off MiB went for a last session!

 Last water therapy for awhile!
Returning to the room we met with three still sleeping beauties who soon started to stir. We had to get moving since we were checking out and heading north to the airport. Uncle G had the first flight so we got him squared away before enjoying a Chick-Fil-A lunch. LilBlue and the Bud do not have CFA in the BigO so this was a treat for them. Though LilBlue did consider choosing PeiWei I am glad we "ate more chiken"!


 MiB and Me :)

In case I forgot to mention it the engagement ring is GORGEOUS...loved seeing it in person, loved that it is now on it's fourth generation. Praying for the marriage that will be here sooner rather then later... 


I am still somewhat "pink" today...I cannot believe I did that. I have not burned in eons! Really stinks and honestly hurts a little. the Bud definitely got some sun this week, check out his arm...

 Definitely see the contrast

Back to the airport to drop off Uncle G and hugs all around. I so wish we all lived closer...our time together is always so short but also so precious. Someday, maybe things will change and our lives will intersect more often. I always remember that airports are the setting for the happiest and saddest are usually happy to see the person you are picking up and most always sad to see the person go you are dropping off. That is certainly the case today.

 Hugs all around
Then over to the mall to do a little strolling before the late afternoon flight. We saw some sights as seems to always be the case whenever we do mall walking. I only wish I would not have been so stuffed that I could not enjoy a cookie...well, second thought I did not need a cookie but I really did enjoy smelling them!

Back to the airport one last time and then we are on the road back to LA. The trip was good we enjoyed it and loved the time together which as usual was waaaay too short. Looking forward to next time already whenever and wherever that will be remains to be seen. Plans are being formulated, we shall see what materializes.

Home, car unpacked, laundry started and frozen pizza consumed, life is good!

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