Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I might be afraid!

So I have an iPhone, I do like it and for the most part I know how to use it...I still learn new things on it ALL the time and I do really love it's capabilities. I do NOT like updating the iOS. Every single time I have done that there's been a glitch. Usually I nearly having a coronary and we end up spending way too much time trying to get it figured out. Thank goodness for my tech savvy MIB. There are other things I very much dislike about my phone! I do not like having to pay for a data plan AND a texting plan, I think that's a rip off but I like both features so I pay it every single month. Grrr

So why might I be afraid? Well you see, I have been getting this message on my phone about an expiration date...

I have of course googled it cause google IS the CIA you know! LOL Anyway this message may be an issue and I may or may not have a serious problem. I love the ambiguity! Boards, forums and yahoo answers are wonderful aren't they? So while we are off to the beach next week, I may or may not need to make a stop at the Apple store! In addition, IF we HAVE to make that trip to the Apple place do not fret for not all will be lost as SPRINKLES is just down the road  :) I will not be able to be that close and NOT go,. I am fearful as there could be s'mores cupcake in my future, or a lemon coconut, or pumpkin or carrot, oh geez, do you see how this could be bad? Very bad, just sayin'

It's hump day and the we are having couples night in the neighborhood, looking forward to it! Not to mention we are meeting up for the movies on Friday :) Maybe even have dinner first, these ENA (Eastside Neighborhood Association) folks are awesome!

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