Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Updates

If you remember this post regarding my phone you need to know that NOTHING happened when the whatever it was expired. That kind of makes me mad but then again I really am glad nothing happened. But it had me somewhat stressed for a few days as every morning that annoying message appeared randomly for several weeks. Pffft Apple! You may me afraid for nothing, nothing at all!

And I DO have a nail in my right front tire...holy cow what's up with us and tires... If you recall we recently replaced a tire as in less then a week ago. It is here on the blog if you missed it. I am not yet sure if we will be replacing another tire, maybe it can be repaired or plugged or patched or whatever it is you do to brand new tires that get holes. Geeeeeezz!

I am on a little bit of a  vacation is over downer; it was great to be away, it was fine to come back but I liked being away better. Tonight I will get all gussied up for a formal event and go play nicely with people who probably aren't enjoying themselves. As of late I feel like others do not enjoy their role as a mil spouse and find it labor intensive. I have rarely if ever felt like that. I enjoy being with MiB no matter where that may be. I would much rather enjoy an evening, ANY evening, with my MiB then be without him especially if that means I stay at home without him. Now that we are empty nesters I am able to go and do more with him. And even when LiLBlu was at home, I tried to go and do what I could around our family life and  we still treated military events like date nights. I don't know it just works for us, I get it if it doesn't work for others but maybe you should get into a different line of work.

I have finished the laundry, was hoping to get a little more cleaning done, but worked on some other projects and cleaning just didn't happen. Will definitely need to make time to hit the high spots soon, the dust is taking over!

I was able to make a commissary run today and pick up necessities. I was once again disappointed in the produce section. I don't what it is about this location but the fresh fruit and veggie section lacks IMO. I will hit the farmer's market in the morning. we definitely need tomatoes so we can have caprese, I need to use the cheese before it is out of date. And I also got bacon for BLTs which sound great on hot days.

Hope I hit the high points on updates, just felt like some things were hanging and wanted you in the loop! LOL Now I'm going to try and catch up on some reading! Have a great evening.

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