Saturday, August 18, 2012

Swollen eyes / New eyes

So MiB came home last night and said "what's up with your face"? You know it's not good if #1 he noticed something and #2 he said something. I got up looked in the mirror and sure enough my left eye is somewhat swollen; okay a lot swollen. I don't recall injuring it. I pop some acetaminophen; place a cold pack on my face for about 15 minutes and finish getting ready to leave for the evening event. I don't know if others noticed but one person did mention it. I am not sure, maybe I hit my face on the car door unloading groceries, don't recall that but it's possible, I want to think I injured myself rather then something being wrong. I pop an ibuprofen halfway through event to hopefully help with the swelling. Return home, do a little more cold pack then off to bed.

This morning woke to a bit of matting in both eyes and much more swollen on left and spreading to right. The swelling is enough I can "see" it in my vision. I pop more acetaminophen and out the door I go with coffee to the tire repair place. While MiB is getting the repair ticket in order I think maybe I do need to see a doctor so I called the nurseline and she does advise I should be seen. I get a referral number and off we go to the urgent care clinic. Two hours and a shot later I am on my way to pharmacy for antibiotic drops and hoping things improve.

Lunch out since we are still waiting on tire repair and stopping to look for new glasses was in order. Love the Greek salad at Newk's and with a thank you gift card I did not feel bad for going. Plan was to return home to eat since we have been eating out all week on vacation. But we were hungry and driving home and back just seemed too much. After lunch we stopped in the eye glass place and I found a pair that I liked. Left for a few errands and returned to have new glasses ready. I have been needing new spectacles for a while but have just been putting it off. I now have a new pair and another pair on order. It's definitely a stronger script and I think it's going to take my eyes a bit to get used to them but in due time I'm sure it will be fine. I did not go ahead and get the bi-focals. For one it is pretty expensive for the progressive lens which is what I would like to get and secondly I am not sure I really need them just yet (I may just be in denial though and need them very much :/)

Maybe a picture of the new eyes at a later date; for now the swelling is not too bad. Should it continue I might post a pic otherwise just know that it's not pretty...thankfully, it is not painful! Good thing we have an ice cream social tonight to host! There will be pictures for that unless I forget! There will eventually be pictures of the new eyes I promise!

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