Monday, August 13, 2012

Beach, Shopping and the ZOO!

This morning MiB hit the water EARLY, I joined him a bit later and then the Bud and LilBlue showed was awesome on the beach this morning!

MiB SUPing

Body Surfing

Then we headed into Houston for a little shopping... we had to hit several stores before we finally scored a few shirts. But it was the looking and the people watching that was fun as well.
 Soooome shoes...and NO we did not buy them!

But I was glad when we were ready to head to the Houston Zoo. That was F U N even if it was H O T!

 Welcome to the Houston Zoo :)

Aquarium with piranha's in it and MiB as well! He's soooo brave.

Zoo map reading 101

 Keeping cool at the zoo and making kid noises in the fan!

 Those are some REALLY BIG horns!

 Yes, I can play the bongo's!

 Aurora the baby orangutan w/her surrogate mom Kelly enjoying a frozen apple juice block!
Awesome day even if Houston traffic is insane! We finally made it back to the room and enjoyed a snackfest and visiting and laid our plans for tomorrow, think it will be horseback riding for most and beach of course and then mostly chillaxin' in the G-Town!

Night all it's been a good day and we are all beat! I know MiB and I will hit the beach early while the rest of the troops sleep in, however, there is a rumor that there will be a KrispyKreme donut run! NOT what I need...we'll see how it goes, I am trying to eat as good as one can while on vaca :)

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