Friday, August 31, 2012

New blue for LilBlue :0) MiB gets gray...

Finally after two years of searching we have found the replacement vehicle for LilBue. You do not know because I chose not to blog the crash that Lilblue was in that totaled her car and sent her to the hospital via ambulance. It is the phone call you NEVER ever want to receive. I literally thought I would pass out talking to her on the phone. I was way too far away and my child was hurt and I could not get there fast enough. The next seven days were hell as we worked through all the events of the accident or crash as I like to call it. After two years we have finally seen the end of the mountain of paperwork, insurance claims and did I say lots of paperwork. I am thrilled it is done. I just pray that we never go through that again.

So the last two years we have tried to find a replacement car for the car that was totaled in the crash. Speaking of that crash she likes to make it known that it was NOT her fault a man crossed three lanes of traffic hit her and two other cars. We have scoured the car lots, Craigslist and AutoTrader for a new accord. Finally last Saturday we were at the Honda dealer in Shreveport ordering a replacement park for my roof racks and there sat a blue accord. We were not too excited usually we find them and they just don't meet our standards...this one was promising. It was the right model, interior and mileage. So far, so good, but a bit out of our price range and missing a couple desired wants. Decisions, decisions...hmmmm, end of the month sales were in our favor, after much negotiation and trading in our Mazda we own THE car.

 Finding out that the blue car over there is hers...

 Happy Girl!

 LilBlue with THE car!

Delivery was made today and she was thrilled and so were we! PTL :)

And ohbytheway, we went to Ft Worth a few weeks ago to get the oil changed on LilSmartie and came home with Deuce. I know we are just car buying crazies lately! Don't worry this only happens every four years or so! And after this I'm staying away from the dealership, it's too costly. But again, PTL, we are cash buyers and no payments needed thankyouverymuch cause that's the way we roll!

 MiB w/Deuce!

The added bonus is that we got to see LilBlue unexpectedly due to the fact we drove it up to her to deliver it and we'll get to see her all day today and tomorrow before we head back to LA bright and early Sunday morning. Extra bonus is that we got out ahead of hurricane Isaac, which from what I understand was not nearly as bad as they had thought. And another perk is that we had White Grill on the way up and will be stopping again on the way back. Life is GOOOOOOD!

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