Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Donuts, Horses & BEACH

If you are seeing a theme here you might be right! We are enjoying the BEACH! Today was awesome! Even though there was no early morning surf, there was early morning on the beach...it was a gorgeous sunrise.


Then Uncle G treated to donuts, NOT KrispyKreme but Shipley's. Hmmm sometimes GPS are wrong so you take what you can get and we did and the lemon filled were really good and I do know that first hand :/

Like the 5 of us needed 2 dozen donuts...

 LilBlue chowin' down on the glazed!

After we enjoyed our sugar high it was off to Jamaica Beach and riding horses bayside. We showed up early and shared treats with all the horses who were in the pen. 

 The horses enjoyed the bread, apples and carrots we brought!

 Then when it was our turn to ride we shared with the horses that were chosen for us. I use "us" loosely since that "us" did not include all of "us" meaning I stayed behind to enjoy a book, the shade and a nice breeze!!!

 LilBlue & MiB getting ready to roll, MiB took the goPro camera

 Lil Blue w/Valentine, MiB w/Quitta

the Bud and Trigger aka B.S. (butt scratcher)

Pics from on the ride from the goPro...

 Uncle G & Rambo 
 Group shot on the bay

 Riding along the bay

Still along the bay

 Big smile from LilBlue :)

 Uncle G rolling in on Rambo with the Bud and Trigger bringing up the rear!

 The riding crew with their guide Nicole who just happened to be from Independence MO!

  Rambo needing a rest after doing back to back rides today goes straight in the pen to lay down and roll in the dirt!

After the horseback riding we went to lunch at a decent Mexican place that is out here on the island since driving back in mainland to LaBrisa just takes way too much valuable time and we wanted to hit the beach ASAP.

Beach was great today, no dead fish in sight, however there were some bones you had to watch out for as they did hurt a bit to step on in the shallow waters. LilBlue also had a very tiny jelly fish stings but she endured and a great time was had by all. 

 Beach time :)

Back to the hotel and doing a little pool time topped off our water therapy time!

Hot tubbing it...

An hour later and still hot tubbing... 

 We were really enjoying that hot tub!

Some of us, the Bud and I, also got a little more sun kissed then we intended and had to make an aloe vera run! But it's all good we got some awesome lemonade treats, little vino and we are back chillin in the room with our evening snacks. Tomorrow will definitely be more beach and who knows what else we will find to do on our last full day in G-town!

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