Sunday, August 5, 2012

Decisions made...

Oh my, this whole wedding planning thing is hard, especially because I am here and she is there...gonna be a long year. But I am thrilled for cell phones with unlimited minutes along with cameras on our phones; that has been our saving grace so far!

We now have a reception venue reserved, color scheme chosen, though honestly, that may be tweaked the further down the road we get, but don't tell LilBlue I said that... We are waiting on ceremony location confirmation but think that is pretty solid. So it's moving along! LilBlue met with the alterations lady already too. Oh and obviously we have a date which is how and why we are moving forward with the decisions we have so far! Working on the guest list too! I love small and so does she so that's making it a little easier. In fact ceremony guest list is done and we are just going through the reception list now. It will be awesome to see her next week and talk in person about some of these things!

You know what hit me this week though? Not only is she getting married and we get to plan and do all that. She is also going to be graduating from college in May. I know, I know! I'm going to be solid gray before this year is over! I am just praying to get through it with my sanity in tact. I am finding it VERY DIFFICULT to be soooooooooooooo far away...but what the reality is for me is that I will be in the BigO in May and get to do some hands on and looking around much closer to wedding time; that makes me happier.

Glad to have MiB home again, he arrived safely back yesterday afternoon, we came home dropped his bags and went straight to the pool! HOT is what it was but we enjoyed it. Then home for dinner and a relaxing evening of Olympics though I was nodding off by 7 p.m.

Today I think we are thinking movie, MiB is just back from SUPing and we are thinking lunch and then off to catch the movie Total Recall! May do a bit of window shopping afterwards since we will be at the Louisiana Boardwalk, depends on the heat. I did hear potential for rain which hopefully will mean some cooler temps! That would be wonderful but otherwise we will most likely hit the pool again this afternoon!

Have a great Saturday!

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