Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flippin' Awesome

Warning you may need a napkin so your don't drool on your keyboard...

OMG this was amazing!

You see I had this avocado that was sorely in need of using and I definitely was not going to let that wonderful little gem go to waste. I also had a few grape tomatoes that were past their prime, so I decided to smash up the avocado and combine it with the grape tomatoes that were very finely diced and a bit of chopped onion. I added some salt and lime juice and made a a sort of guac dip. Oh yeah, it was extremely delightful, like why have I never done this before? I don't know but I can tell you I will certainly be repeating it because it was flippin' AWESOME! And before you say, it's just guac, ah, no, no it was not, but it was good! I have had guac many times and it never tasted like this, this was not so smooth and creamy, it was smooshy and very tart, again I liked it but it was not traditional guac. All right enough...

In case you were wondering it is just another low key day here in my world...and I am loving it!  MiB is visiting here today. Can you say jealous? J-E-A-L-O-U-S, yes I am, just a little bit anyway! He did send me a text last night and tell me that they were going to be able to stop at the PX while there so I am hopeful he will come home with something neat for me...t-shirt, sweatshirt, local something or another? Who knows...but I'm sure I will let you know when he returns!

In other news I have nearly finished the Vegas book, I have to print a couple more pics for the last page and do a bit more journaling and it will be done. On to Hawaii next I think. But not sure if I will do our book or LilBlue's, decisions decisions!

And no, I did NOT lick the bowl! LOL But I did run my finger around it and lick my finger! I just could not let any of that green goodness go to waste!


Frizzy said...

I don't recall hearing how your trip to Vegas was. Did you take in any of the places I suggested? If so what did you think?

Why not make both books at the same time? You could just duplicate the pages. Have you tried uploading your pics to Shutterfly? They have some fun/easy digital ways to preserve your memories.

Mrs. Blue said...

Oh yes I blogged it! It was Oct 2010 if you want to look back in the archives. Loved Capriotti's!!!! Went there twice, enjoyed In and Out Burger and did get crepes and Bellagio on your suggestion one savory and one sweet :) In fact we are considering it for a Spring Break destination...not sure, have any suggestions for other locations. Also considering Cali, which I would LOVE and the Caribbean, choices, choices!