Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Mrs Marine!!!

It is WW and we are celebrating Mrs. Marine's birthday.


Mrs. Munsey made a red velvet cake, it was super yummy, I even had a little sliver. 

Each week we come together. It's not like we solve the world's problems or anything but we have a good time trying! It's a great group and we are brought together by a common thread, our husbands, who defend out nation. They have answered a call that not all do or can and we are proud military wives. We are instantly bonded. It's awesome!

It is always a fun get together on WW; to see what's new, who is doing what and when, plan the next neighborhood gathering, dish about the latest and share our life. We all come from very different walks of life but for a few hours each week we connect and I love it! These are some awesome women, I am learning much from them, not all good, but I am still learning! LOL

Happy Birthday Mrs Marine! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your busy life with us :)

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