Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I won!!!

Oh yes I did, I won! WooHoo!!!

Hold on though it's not like I won the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes or anything. I didn't even win PowerBall. But I did win! It would have been really cool though if it had been the Prize Patrol showing up at my door...

I won at Bunco tonight. If you have never played Bunco then you are missing out! Seriously, it is one of those really fun games. So anyway, I won, I had the most Bunco's and that means I was the winner.

The prize was a really nice candle, I like candles a lot, even though fire scares me, I do like candles and I especially like ones that smell nice. This one is aloha vanilla, which made me smile.

So that is all for me, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is WW and we will be celebrating Mrs. Marine's birthday. There will be red velvet cake and hopefully I will remember to take pictures. I wish I would have remembered to take pictures at Bunco, but I did not. There was lots of good food and snacks that I resisted with the exception of one chunk of pineapple. The other 11 ladies and I had a great time! Oh course, you would expect me to say that since I was the WINNER :)


Frizzy said...

Congrats! Now come over to my blog and register to win a digital scrapbooking suite from My Memories.

Mrs. Blue said...

Coolio, I just did!!! Thanks for the heads up :)