Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Almost 2-1-12

Can you believe we are almost ready to close the books on January 2012? It's been a quick month. So with January closing out that means the snowmen get put away and the Happy Heart Month things come out. I am not a big seasons decorator, but since I have started shopping my own space I find I can make up some pretty decent seasonal settings. That's exactly what I did today. I really do not have that many Valentine's decorations but I do have several red things and by bringing all of it together it looks pretty good I think!

 In the center of the BIG table (and yes that is my same plate from Christmas and my BUNCO winner candle AND those are beads from my Christmas tree)!

This is just a little area that I am never quite sure what to do with...I like it!

These are from two areas on the buffet. I took a picture of the who thing but it wasn't very good so I used the closer ups. That note is from 1984. MiB sent me flowers at school and this was the card with them, I know right, alltogethernow, "ahhhhhhhh"

Speaking of MiB just got a text and he has landed outside of St Louis for the night and then on to the BigO tomorrow. I know he will glad when he arrives back home, it's been a whirlwind for him for sure. I hope he is home long enough next month that we can move. You did know I'm moving next door, right? Oh, well, in due time I am sure I will post about it but yes, we are supposed to move in February RIGHT NEXT DOOR. I'm thrilled, NOT.

Are you ready for the new month? Well ready or not it's here :)

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Frizzy said...


Love your decoration ideas. What makes more sense or is more romantic than that as a decoration?