Monday, January 23, 2012

TMI - read at your own risk!

Back in December MiB and I both had doctor appointments and each had labs ordered. It just so happened we went to the lab the same day and I told them NOT to mess up my blood with his. They thought this was funny and so did I. We were both having our cholesterol test among other things.

For the record I DID NOT pass out when they took my blood. I have been known to do that ya know, so I'm always happy when I do not. The tech did, however, use the "butterfly" and I did not even ask him too, he just took a look and decided to on his own. Since I do not look when they do this I didn't know he had actually done it until we were done. I told him that was nice; sometimes they do not and I am usually bruised before I ever get out of the chair.

Anywho the reason it might be TMI is that Ima tell you our results, if you don't want to know, that's fine just look away NOW! For the rest of you noisy people just scroll on down for the tantalizing results! LOL


Total = 229 (target <200)
LDL = 142 (target <100)
TRI  = 81 (target <150)
HDL = 71 (target >60)
Mrs Blue
Total = 211 (target <200)
 LDL = 117 (target <100
  TRI =  51 (target <150)
 HDL = 84 (target >60)
Now I'm not sure either one of us have really WINNING results, but I am declaring myself the winner between the two of us and that's all I have to say about that! Well, except that we will be putting the oat bran and apples back in our diet cause one can always do better with lower numbers in this arena!

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Man in Blue (MiB) said...

I'm not sure you WON! Look at those LDL numbers...most of my numbers are lower than yours except the TOTAL...