Sunday, January 22, 2012

Neighborhood Progressive Dinner

Oh what a night...the neighborhood group decided to do a progressive dinner so four homes, 10 people,  5 hours and full bellies later we think we will do this again, it was sooooo much fun!

We started off at the MUNSY house with some soup. The corn chowder was delicious, but I thought the tortellini soup was da bomb. After soup we headed to our house for salad, the wedge salad with the homemade bleu cheese dressing was a huge hit, but the tossed salad with the homemade ranch was also very tasty if I do say so myself!

The guys after salad...

The girls after salad!
It was then on to the GSC House for the main dish. Pork with balsamic vinegar, I tasted it and though it was indeed yummers. However, my favorite was the twice baked potatoes and green beans, dem be real good :)

 A Marine contemplating what he got himself into with all these USAF dudes!

Lastly, we went to the Marine House for the MOST AWESOME dessert ever. I love white cake, it is the mostest in my book, but this was white cake with strawberries and a bit of a not too sweet but yet lovely yum frosting. I am telling you it could easily make me happy ANYTIME to eat this cake! I loved it, I wanted to eat two pieces but I did not, cause ya know I am still fighting too tight jeans. YUCK! And it was in celebration of our GSC ladies birthday so we did a little birthday celebrating as well! I savored every bite! I love white cake, I love strawberries, it was heaven!!!!

THE Cake

 The Birthday Girl and the Cake Baker AKA Mrs. Marine

It was a great evening and we are planning to repeat it soon. But in March we will schlep to MAIN base and enjoy the hosting of Ms Speech Writer, however, we do have February to plan first and who knows what we will come up with on that!  What I know is that we are an unlikely group, but a group that works, it's quite fun when we get together and you never know what will happen at these gatherings but it will always be interesting for sure!

 Hmmm, what can I say? She writes speeches....


My LOVE and me :)

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