Saturday, January 28, 2012

Slow Saturday

I love days like today, well, for the most part I do. I like it more with MiB around but since he is off playing on a very important work trip it's not quite as lovable. I am still in PJs, I have piddled, I have eaten two bowls of lima beans, I am enjoying doing nothing. The TV is on and I am not watching it but it's on for noise, as today silence is not what I feel. I've caught up on all emails, gotten my calendar up to date and think I will soon take a shower, maybe. I may not. Who will know, who will care? Uh, NO ONE.

 My beans! They were awesome! Little fresh chopped onion with them too!

And a  few days back I said I hadn't been cooking much but since then I have. I did a lovely roasted cabbage yesterday. It was a "pin" I did from that web crack site pinterst. If you have not been there I am just warning you to stay away unless you have a bazillion minutes to spend oogling all the eye candy cause it's so addicting you will forget you have a real life to live and find yourself sucked in for waaaaaaay too long. Not that I know this first hand, I'm just sayin'

 It was tasty!

I'm off to find some more things I'm not going to do today! And the dental receptionist called to ask me to come in on Monday rather then Tuesday for my new sealants. I am also getting a military discounts since our insurance does not pay for sealants for adults and I don't want cavities EVER cause I have never had one and I don't want to start now. I love military discounts!


Anonymous said...

I read your blog, but I do not subscribe or know you. Most of the time you are pretty realistic that is what I like.

Anonymous said...

Love military discounts!!! But lima beans are a no go for me. We do know each other but I usually do not comment just read.