Monday, January 2, 2012

Ima all alone (well sort of)...

Today we delivered LilBlue to the airport! So anyway, we snapped a few more pics, then said our goodbyes and off we went and so did she. This little airport is little I cannot stress this enough!

This was the absolute smallest airport I have ever been too, going through TSA was unlike any TSA I have ever seen... Keep in mind this is a little airport in Texas, there is no jetway, you walk to and from the tarmac... and that's really all I'm going to say on that :) Well, let me remind you I already warned you it's little, just sayin'!

MiB and I stopped for a early lunch, which was REALLY yummy, we had the BBQ. We had ventured in here on our way to pick up LilBlue last week. We had us a little snack after we used the facilities. The carrot cake was really awesome. Today we took a piece to go. Ima tell you that it was the WORST carrot cake ever...why? It was not made today that's for sure, awful, hard, stale and so not edible. I was soooo disappointed as I was really looking forward to enjoying a repeat of the piece we had last week. So when MiB opens it up and it's yuck, grrrr. On a side note, MiB let them know and we will have a free piece should we ever stop in again :)

 This was the BUDs first trip to TX; which was really last week when they arrived.

It was also his first trip to LA.

They are now safely back in the BigO and the big ole house is once again empty and we are all's okay, we are good, we are adapting well to this empty nest thing, I mean we aren't newbies to this gig but we do enjoy our girl and we certainly DO NOT get to see her enough...