Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

Oh, my here we are in the start of another year and what do I want to do? You got it, take off some weight, eat healthier and take time to enjoy life. Seems like that is the story of my life! LOL Yep, once again I am needing to reduce my poundage, maybe it's not once again, maybe it is still...hmmmm, a thought to ponder. I did really well until MiB returned then it was just way over the top with him wanting to eat and enjoy all things USA. Settled in to LA and then the holidays brought on some extra #s. So holidays are over, pounds are still here and they NEED to go. I have mixed emotions, I know I should be better on getting back on the exercise wagon. I am not thrilled that the gym is so far away.  I also know that the weather is really not that big a player here and I should just go walk right out my front door and take my exercise right here where I am. Hmmm, yeah, I just NEED to do it, stop ovethinking it, stop whining, stop procrastinating and DO IT. Okay, that's my plan, DO IT.

  • Easier to put it on then take it off...
  • Lots of decisions seem to be looming.
  • Excited we had LilBlue and G for the holidays!
I'm off to the Attic this morning! Lots of little projects have been accomplished this week already in the organizing, purging, decluttering departments and it feels good to have less in our space. I know one day we will live in MUCH SMALLER accommodations. I do not want to have too much to rid ourselves of when that time come so my thought was we we will start downsizing now. It's a new adventure some day and that some day may be sooner rather then later, one never knows. Just trusting in God to continue to guide us and give us the wisdom for our future. We shall see, it's exciting and scary all the same :)

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