Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts!

Hmmm, this week has been a wee bit down for me, I think it has to do with LilBlue having a birthday. And thinking about MiB taking off for a 3 weekish trip and finally scheduling my long overdue dentist appointment for a checkup and cleaning Yeah, that's my exciting life! LOL

The weather here has been unbelievable, it was over 70* this week and now it had dropped to cold temps again. It's those cold days that I wear my Uggs even in the house! When we first got here I thought they would probably just stay in their box, I am pleasantly surprised they are getting use!

I have had made the time to work on my scrapping lately and it has been AWESOME, I have completed the 1999-2010 years in the new CM books. I will be starting 2011 in the even newer 12x12 format. However, I still have to finish my Vegas trip mini album, do the two Hawaii mini albums and finish MiB CMSgt Promo mini album and I want to get those done first before I tackle 2011.I also plan to do a couple projects digitally. After I see how that goes I am contemplating switching to digital for this's a tough choice and I'm not totally sure I will like switching, but I am giving it a go. I will do a small project to see how I like it first. I love that I have been able to play with our pictures again, it has been too long! I am also planning to get our early year albums into better albums. That will be a huge undertaking and I will be getting the replacement albums at Hobby Lobby as funds and sales coincide to complete this huge task! That is not to mention I need a sale on the pages and protectors so I can procure the new 12x12 size supplies since I have none. Did I mention I am trying to SAVE money...yeah, well, I am, it's new year's plan and so is getting the scrapbook albums done so I guess those two sort of work against each other, hmmmmm.

I also have a couple sewing projects  I would like to work on/complete. I am waiting til after this weekend then I am getting out LilBlue's sewing machine to tackle those. I am setting it up on the dining room table and I anticipate it could be there a few days, okay weeks, as I snatch moments of time to work on the the projects I have. I'm so glad she let me bring it down to play with :) Love you LilBlue!

  • Spring Break - what to do, what to do??
  • Couple more "home" days would be nice...
  • My ice dispenser  in the door is still not fixed!
  • I need a haircut or at the very least my bangs trimmed!
  • Neighborhood progressive dinner this weekend, oh yeah :)

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