Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days of Military Life ~ Day 9

Oh what a nice day, it was again gorgeous weather wise and after a nice easy start, a run for MiB, a run for me (but to the commissary, LOL) we started our day. I did an experimental recipe for lunch and we both agreed it was a keeper. May tweak it a little but we liked it. What's not to like about pizza, I love pizza, MiB loves pizza and this recipe is less calories then "real" pizza so it's win-win!

Before you make a determination, give it a try, it is made with a grain free crust...yes, I know sounds nuts but it really was good. The crust was made with 2 cups steamed cauliflower, 1.5 cups mozzarella cheese, 2 T cottage cheese, and 2 eggs. Sprinkle in a generous amount of garlic powder and Italian seasoning along with a little black pepper and you have the crust.

Ready to be steamed!

The process for me was this:

I clean a head of cauliflower and steamed it in my Pampered Chef steamer with a couple tablespoons of water; it took 7-8 minutes.  I wanted it more steamed rather then less since I was going to food process it, if I were eating it I would go less. Cool it for a bit, then put it in your food processor, with the seasonings, cheese and eggs. Process til smooth, Here's the tricky part, it's pretty sticky at this point, so I put some parchment paper down on my baking sheet (I used an airbake rectangular sheet; rather then my Pampered Chef pizza stone for this) and spread it out with a spatula. I tried to get it as even a possible. Then I baked it 450* for 15 minutes, it was a nice golden brown. When I do this again I will attempt to "flip it over and get the otherside golden as well" about half way through.

Before baking the second time

Then you top is with your favorite sauce, cheese and for us zucchini, onions and roasted red peppers. Though I would roast my zucchini before I top the pizza next time as it did not get quite as "done" as we would have like, but it was still good, just a tad bit firm.

Over all, we thought it was awesome, the crust did get more brown on the edges were it was "thinner" so I will try to spread it better to keep that from happening and again, I am going to try and cook both sides. I still have enough steamed cauliflower to do it again so I will later this week and I will tweak some more, I may try more cottage cheese less moz, but we'll see.

 Just before cutting and eating!

Hope you have a fantabulous Sunday, we are just back in after a Sunday Drive around the East Reservation and also a few errands. Just so you know this was NOT an original idea, I saw it on another blog that I sometimes read. You too, can read the blog post with the original recipe here and there are some other tips on making it too!

We have already had mashed cauliflower and love it as substitute for mashed potatoes so this was not such a stretch for us to try this but for some I realize it will be a real stretch, I say give it a whirl, you may love it, you may not, but you won't know til you try it!!! I plan to try the granola bars off this site at some point as well! And yeah, I will probably blog it!

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