Friday, July 8, 2011


Seeing our girl!!!

We are visiting LilBlue and it's been awesome already! We went to Kahn's one of our ALL TIME favorite eateries and it was sooooo good. I got the platter, I am the only one! LOL Then we spent the evening visiting the local car lots. Got some good leads and will continue tomorrow with that process. It's crazy to car shop and I absolutely do not like it but it is a necessary so we are doing it.

Looking forward to a few days in the area and hoping to spend a little time visiting a few friends and spoiling the girl. Even if she has to work throughout the visit there will be time to hang out, then we will all head to MO where she will take a SHAM sister adventure and we will see the family for a few days. Our quick stop through last night and this morning just won't do...

The SHAM sister adventure is a little trip for that the girl cousins are taking. They have now all graduated from high school and hope to make this an annual tradition to get together at least once a year for a few days to hang out together. I think it is a fabulous idea and hope they make it happen!

Waiting on a load of clothes in the dryer then it is off to bed, love to be able to do laundry at no charge when we stay in military billeting, love that perk and the cost of the room!

Stay tuned NE adventure reports will be coming up!

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