Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ANOTHER Great Day!

This has been one of those days where we have accomplished much but I feel like we got very little done...

We had to change rooms today, which means pack up, check out, haul it all around (think surfboard here) and then recheck in, bag drag and get back at our other tasks! We had many, lots of little things to get done and accomplish before the day was done!

We piddled this morning, then did a drop in visit at our former church and since it was a workday we got to see lots of the men folk! Fun! Then we did a lunch bunch with our good educational friend. She took us to a little Greek place, she always knows the BEST places to eat. I thought the hummus was some of the best I have EVER had, seriously, it was that good! It had a bit of olive oil drizzled on it and a few fresh chopped tomatoes as well and was served with warm, yes I know warm pita wedges, it was heaven!!!!

Our afternoon was packed with getting those little things done...sewing our roof rack (don't ask!!), more OU goodie requests gathering, Sonic stops (yes, multiple stops, it's hotter then blue blazes here and a drink with good ice is a necessity), dessert shopping :) and putting finishing touches on our "bomb" project!

 Twins being "boys" and playing while we were supposed to be shopping!

OU goodie shopping...

Lots of possibilities when it comes to OU stuff in this town. SO much to choose from and yet such specific request. Grief it was hard to pick out things. Actually today we did not buy any more t-shirts, but I did make another find, but the recipient will not know what it is til a much later date! HA :)

Then there was the bomb project. This all started so innocently and then sort of took off on it's own journey, but a cool thing nonetheless. MiB originally sent "bomb pictures" to a couple nephews and niece, then other nieces were a bit jealous and so were the Littles, so request for more bomb pictures was made and in that request, a special request for a friend of Twin 2 was also made. It took awhile but we finally got bomb pictures for all...WOOHOO, then an idea formed and another very special request went out. The result of that request was presented tonight...
Twin 2 makes the presentation...
Group Shot with the very touched VFW guys!
It was a neat thing and it worked out that we were here when they presented them, how cool, I am already tremendously proud of MiB and it makes me even more proud when we are able to do neat things like this. This is an incredible thing, and a good group of people working to help those who have served. They give a lot to others, they also gave a lot to their country, they get practically nothing in return, they are good people. I am proud to have met them and know that we share a common love of the military and our country.

Tomorrow we bid farewell to OKC and head on north and a bit east to the Show Me State! It will be tough to go, we have such deep roots here, not to mention we will leave Twin 2, it's a tough time for us as well as him...prayers are very welcome as we all travel a new road. There are some new journey's to be taken, an unwanted journey, but what seems to be a necessary journey. He will be wading through some murky water; he has been in some deep muddy water for quite some time; we tell him fresh springs will come forth, waterfalls will wash away the hurt, pain, bitterness...we are praying for all things and we know God will honor those prayers and life will be good, it will, maybe not today, probably not even tomorrow, but there will be a day and life will be good!

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