Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Thoughts~

Good day, traveled north safely and we are seeing the family. Stopped at the farm and then had dinner with MiBs momma at the Blue Iguana. Love their taco salads!

Still uncertain on next few days as the flooding on I-29 have our trip to the Big O in a big detour. The way to get there is not really the way and a lot more miles, Lil Blue is supposed to be coming to MO next week, not sure how she will come down either. Such decisions, we would love to go up and get to see her and the Bud there and spend some time in there but what to do, what to do!

I'm still not feeling the love on the LA move...still no house. That just makes a girl a bit blue. We'll see, surely something's gonna give!

  • Divorce stinks...
  • Family makes it worth it all!
  • Life is good, sometimes you have to make it better!
I'm enjoying life, hope you are are making things happen so you enjoy life too...I've seen that play out recently and while it's not been easy or pretty it's going to work out, in the end you have to be happy and only you are responsible for your own happiness. If you think someone (usually your spouse) or something (money, possessions, ??) is going to make you happy, you have it all wrong. Really wrong, only you can make you happy.  One of the choices I personally chose to be happy was to be in a relationship with Christ. It works for me. I still have failings (really I am a failure) but Jesus loves me, he made me and he loves me. He knows I mess up and he loves me, I am glad for this.

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