Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Thoughts and the VCYF

Oh my what a night...I had an extra bedmate last night...quite an experience.  Good to know I am so able to sleep on such a small amount of bed! In all honestly I felt very special that she would choose to sleep with me! I am so going to miss both of the Littles, oh my, we just won’t think about that right now!

 I was on the right side, the "little" side...

We had both Littles for the overnight since the SHAM Sisters were having a little cousin trip. And once everyone was up and around this morning we headed to the VCYF for breakfast, and then did a little barn visiting.  It was hot, really hot but we still had fun. The Littles had a grand time getting to be a little bit country! Cause let me tell you these two city kids were really digging all the dirt and stink of all the country we were experiencing. We saw lots and lots of sheep, goats, horses, and cows, rabbits, pigs and chickens!

Petting a goat!

 The kids in front of the "official sign"

After our fair visit we went on down to see the Sheldon grands and then back to town for Mickey D's and a nap. We enjoyed it and the Littles were wore out for sure, they took very good naps!

  • Reunion time is nearly over!!
  • Family is family, you love them.
  • Finally, FRESH maters and melon :)
  • This is some super duper HOT weather!
Busy time, very little access, but trying to update when I can!

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