Saturday, July 16, 2011


Well today we had a very happy LilBlue but also a frustrated LilBlue. She was thrilled to be able to get down to the farm and be able to mess with the horses, however, she was frustrated because no one ever messes with the horses. She enjoys the horses, but she sees that they need more then they are getting in the the way of attention and training. It is so sad for her and she so wishes she could be around to take care of them, ride them, train them. It's a pretty big bummer for her. Ahhh, maybe someday she will have horses of her own!

Dakota and Lil'Blue

After messing around in the heat, we were all hungry so off to town in search of food we went. Blue Iguana got our business and it was tasty, I ate too much but man it was really good! Everyone enjoyed a little ride before heading back to the farm. After a a quick 35 minute power nap we were all ready to go to the livestock sale at the VCYF. We had hoped to bring home a goat, but the one we wanted was not for sale...probably best, we didn't really need a goat anyway!

Ummm, I hate to admit it but we went for ice cream AGAIN. Yes, my 6#s are back with a vengeance...I just pray that when we get to LA I can get back into the exercise routine and get back on track with eating healthy. It's really been a challenge with all the traveling, but I just keep thinking I will not be traveling that much longer! Some of us did not have have ice cream, some had apple pies, some had cheeseburger and fries...hmmmm, at least I didn't do that...I only had ice cream : )

Tomorrow it is our last day in MO. We are having a "winner, winner chicken dinner" with the family and we will finish packing up all our stuff and pray it fits in the vehicles we are driving. I really don't think there is a worry there but I guess it depends on how much we decide to take with us!!!

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