Sunday, July 3, 2011

Japanese Steak House

We arrived OKC this afternoon, went car shopping and found a Japanese Steak House all in less then 4 hours of arrival. Yeah, we don't let the grass grow under our feet!

So for the steak house we hooked up with Twin 2, it was an unknown for all of us as I found it on my iPhone through a restaurants app. I am going to write my own review for submission cause I think some of the "great" reviews that got this place a top notch rating did not eat at the same place we did. There is no question the food was cucumber/avocado rolls were nice, the wrap was a bit more tough then what I am used to but still the filling was good. The twins steaks were very nice, the vegetables were really tasty, the salad was acceptable. The big disappointment I had was with the fried rice. It was okay fried rice, but we were eating at a Japanese steak house and the first bite of rice made me think we were dining on Indian cuisine. The flavor of curry was so heavy and overdone it made it hard to get past that. I would not in any way be able to go here again because I wanted Asian fried rice and that it was definitely NOT. Now to address the portions...either I was really, really hungry or the portions were chintzy. I know I was hungry, but I was not starving, so I think their portions were lacking in size and that especially rang true when the check arrived. I am not a total cheapskate, but I like to feel like I got my money's worth when the bill arrives, I did not. Needless to say, I will not go back. Not only for the overpriced portion but I won't bore you with the neglect our table got. This sentiment was shared by not only us but the other four diners at our grill.

I guess the meal was secondary the conversation rocked it was great to be with MiB and have dinner with Twin 2; those are good times even if were eating dirt! It is awesome to get to spend time together with family and we enjoy every minute, this is what memories are made of and you are going to have them so why not make them good. Living life this year on the road so to speak has really brought to life making memories and making them good.

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