Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Maggie Brigade!

I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes....there were 17 wonderful women who came to the aid of another AF spouse in a difficult situation. We wore rubber gloves, knee pads (go, JH!) and had our big girl panties on as we tackled a mess. In the end it looked umpteen times better then when we arrived. We had clean linens on all beds, freshly washed floors, a sparkly clean bathroom (thanks AV!), a shiny kitchen, a less cluttered garage, an organized craft room...the list goes on and on. This was an amazing accomplishment and I was in utter disbelief upon arrival, I was really not even sure we would be able to make a difference. Boy was I wrong, we definitely made a difference. 

I did not know really what I was getting myself into, all I knew is that MiB needed to work at the office and my Saturday options consisted of hanging out in the TLF by myself doing laundry or exploring on my own, neither of which really had much appeal. I got this email soliciting help for the "Maggie Brigade" and thought, why not? You know I should have known it was a little more then routine helping since the email suggested you to bring your own cleaning supplies and rubber gloves!

I wish you could see the knee pads, JH is wearing in her skirt no less! It was adorable and what a floor cleaner she is, she did the dining room, living room, entryway, halls and kitchen all on her knees, she may have done more then that but those areas I am sure of.

We arrived at 10:00ish, took a pizza lunch break and at 4:30 p.m. there was a major definite difference in this place. The amount of rubbish we hauled to the curb was lots and lots!

The PRES and the rubbish! 

I would ask your prayers for this young one whose home we overtook to help. She needs more then just her home tidied. She needs to learn priorities. She will need to employ better organizational skills, she is going to need accountability, she will benefit from a refresher in basic life skills in daily living. She could take parenting classes to assist with issues that are common but sometimes need a little help in dealing with. She should seek to receive the wonderful services our own organizations offer to help with all these things and more. 

I do not want to scrutinize the situation too much since one is never certain the circumstances they could find their own self in and wake up and wonder how did this happen. However, I think this one is going to have to take a more active role in life. This is not an acceptable way to live, period. She will need to be active in maintaining her home, her life. This is not just about her, she has three little ones, and getting a do-over is not an option, they need a mom to be a mom now, today, tomorrow and forever. She will have to step up, this is not about her. If you know me you know I am not the most compassionate person, I have very little patience or tolerance for those who do not take responsibility for their life. You have to be your own life advocate, that's the facts, no one is or should be working harder on your life situation then you. 
For me the plus in this was getting to know the ladies I had already met better; and meeting even more of the amazing BAFB gals! It was a definite bonding time and I will not soon forget this experience! My takeaway is to continue to get out of my comfort zone (and this certainly was for me!!!!) and live a little on the edge!

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